The Last time I was in Utah I had to stay for a whole month to finish a project, this prompted me into renting a house instead of spending a huge amount of money on a hotel or motel room, at the same time have a sort of home base office set up. The agreement was fair enough, just keep the place in good shape, and the furnishing in mint condition, and the one month rent would remain in my budget range. The house was amazing, along with the furniture included and wall to wall carpeting, so I decided to hold a small party upon the project’s completion. A mistake I will forever regret.

The project I was handling went out without a hitch, so the party was on. Of course, it was not like some college frat party; we were all too old to do that, It was a small dinner/cocktail party, with a good selection of wine. I had everything catered and got several bottles of good wine (along with a crate of not bad ones), I decided to splurge a bit since there was a considerate amount left in my trip’s budget. Everything was great until I heard a bottle fall… There was no breaking sound, so it definitely didn’t fall on the hardwood floor. All I could remember was pleading in my mind for the bottle to have been closed when it fell and it wasn’t, it was a FULL bottle of RED wine.

So I was in big trouble; I had splurged a huge amount on the party, though I had money, I really wanted to get the deposit on the house back, which I definitely won’t with a big stain like that on what I would think to be a pretty expensive looking carpet.  Luckily though, one of the guests was the owner of a carpet cleaning Utah company, who gladly said that he would get one of his guys handle it.

There was little to no budget for me to hire a professional to handle the mess so I was ecstatic to be offered a free carpet cleaning service, well I paid with that dinner party I guess. I was worried about the stain though, I recall my mother telling me that wine never comes out, but this particular carpet cleaner guy really saved the day. I don’t know if it is a Utah thing, or the carpet cleaner guy’s secret sauce, but he managed to clean that stain right out, as if it was never there! It was so well done that the house’s owner did not notice anything and I got my deposit back!

From then on I will forever think that Utah carpet cleaners are probably magic, or at the very least you will find the best guys for the job there. Though I wouldn’t know if they are pricey though, or how much getting wine stain from your carpet would cost, since I paid the owner via dinner party.