A clean home often suggests the owner is tidy as well. Don’t we all desire to be viewed as a clean individual? Owning a tidy home will not only suggest that you are a neat person, but it will also improve others view to your character. You are treated better from your surroundings and will, therefore, improve chances of that promotion you’ve been setting your eyes on. The key to impressing your colleagues or even your boss is to invite them to your home so they can see for themselves who you are on the inside and how you treat yourself.

A humble personality combined with impressive cleanliness will greatly impact their impression, and thus you get that shot you’ve been eyeing. With practice and dedicated pursuit to be a great person, we often start with ourselves. We improve our habits and move on to improving our surroundings. We clean ourselves and the closest thing we can reach, which is our home. As we improve our body, we also improve our home in the process. However, sometimes we experience a block on the road.

I am the type of person that practices that train of thought. I enjoy cleaning the house since in return I get to be more relaxed and gently experience peace of mind. There are days that I stumble on road blocks, for example just the other day I was cleaning my house but my wife bought this monolith of a carpet. I live in Salt Lake City, and it’s a wonderful place, the food, the people, the buildings, however, unlike other homes, we had never had a carpet, and I am unsure how to clean it, to begin with.

I thought I should just vacuum it and be done with however there are more steps to it than I originally thought. My wife begins to educate me another approach such as hot water extraction, encapsulation, bonnet, shampoo, vacuum wash and the list goes on. I revisited my approach and told myself to be more patient, and surprisingly enough, I discovered the best method is combining shampoo and extraction together. It takes time to complete, however by the end of the process, as I walk inside my tidy home, I have once again obtained peace of body and peace mind.

Though In the end, the thought struck me, I’m in a city with great services, had I hired a carpet cleaning Salt Lake City company I would have had a lot of time for myself instead. But then again they might not have reached the perfection I seek.