I’ve worked for several companies, in several fields, and industries since I graduated from high school, and I have been doing this to save money for college, and avoid student debts, I’ve never really found a passion for anything I did, except for that time I stayed in Atlanta, GA.

It had been three years since I graduated high school, and I’ve been traveling around the country, either living in the homes of relatives, friends or rent my own place if there was no one I knew in the city. I’ve been to several cities and states already, just exploring the country while working and saving up, just being free.

It was in Atlanta where I found employment as a Carpet Shampooer, in a carpet cleaning Atlanta company I literally just walked into and asked if there was any opening. The job was simple enough, just hang around until I get called to go along with the pros to a client, I do what they ask me to do, which most of the time was shampoo the carpet, or bring in the vacuum cleaner. I planned to stay a few months until I’ve made enough money to put into my college fund and a little extra to move on to the next job, a plan that extended to a year because of how much I grew to love the people and the job.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, a place where I literally never saw the ocean, which was why I decided to travel while working to save up money. I knew that I would be able to save money faster staying in one place, but I believe that it doesn’t matter how old you were when you start college and that traveling while you are young is a better choice.

The carpet cleaning company I was fortunate enough to get a job at was quite known in Atlanta; the clients were either really rich people or places like the Atlanta Opera and such. Both the client and the company treated the workers extremely well, to the point where we sometimes got free tickets for some event or at the very least a free pizza. I experienced culture and amazing events, like performances at the Atlanta Opera, or some interesting event, sometimes through a thoughtful gift from our employer or clients, and sometimes through peeks while on the job.

It had been 2 years since those days in Atlanta, but as I am now sitting in my dormitory thinking about my classes for tomorrow, I recalled the most interesting career I had. While maybe not all carpet cleaners experience what I experience, I believe that carpet cleaning is still one of the most rewarding careers I’ve done as of the moment.